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Recent Projects

A showcase of a few of our more recent projects.  


Simon miller - Bubble wall

We fabricated molds and vacuum formed domes on a base for designer Simon Miller's photoshoot.  The domes eventually made their way into their pop-up store inside Fred Segal.


Disney Costume Accessories

We engineered and fabricated costume accents for Disneyland's "Dance Party" show.  Specifically, Goofy's helmet, Clarice's glasses, and Horace's Helmet.  Each was individually handcrafted and given a scenic paint job.


VMA Dancer Masks

Columbian artist J Balvin's costume designer, Heather Picchiottino, wanted pitch black masks for the backup dancers.  Modifying an in-stock mold, we vacuum formed cast acrylic and inserted perforated Kydex to make it pitch black yet transparent from the inside.


Baby Doll Heads

A horror TV show client wanted a room filled with baby doll heads.  The client cut and attached doll heads to MDF, we filled the holes and undercuts, made a negative silicon rubber mold, and vacuum formed on our 4'x4' machine.

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